Our Partnership-Focused Approach

Our Mission

To maximize the value of our partners’ biogas-generating assets by creating RNG that replaces higher-emission fuel in a cost friendly, environmentally effective way.

Through our capture and conversion of naturally occurring biogas, we reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel use, while improving local air quality and increasing availability of cleaner transportation fuels.


Viridi has a differentiated approach to accomplishing our mission and an unmatched ability to lead all parts of the RNG value chain.

We have the expertise to guide:




Commercial Strategy

We deploy capital quickly to implement aggressive but achievable plans that result in safe, efficient, and reliable beneficial-use projects. These projects are operated to maximize their renewable energy value and to achieve meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Partner With Us?

Viridi has a unique and flexible approach to project investment and operations:

We work closely with our partners to create synergies that accelerate the business.

We have the capital available to move fast and make the most of every opportunity.

We leverage our industry expertise, new technology, and supply chain optimization to generate greater value.

Ultimately, we are confident that we have the best combination of technical, financial, operational, and commercial experience in the market. With a deep understanding of the core technologies of biogas upgrading and a network of relationships with leading solution providers, Viridi is well positioned to assist with RNG projects of any size.